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Living Authentically

Authenticity means living from the heart. It means living life in agreement with your values and desires. When we do so, we are fulfilled inside and are able to form fulfilling relationships.

Sometimes being authentic requires you to become vulnerable in front of others. We avoid this often at great cost of being hurt. Again. That is why many of us struggle with being authentic.  

In my years of counselling and being in relationship with others I have learnt that rejection is the root issue of not being authentic. We fear being rejected and so try to 'be' a certain way that we think will make us more 'acceptable'. We say yes when we want to say no, we eat the piece of cake that someone has made even though we are on our first day of no sugar...


I have been on a journey for a number of years of finding myself. I know I am deep down there beneath all the 'shoulds'. 'oughts', 'musts' and obligations and so are you. So this entry today is for any female who feels that they have lost themselves for a bit. Its ok. Keep pushing, keep trusting, keep holding on. You are worth it.

Below are a couple of questions to help you begin your discovery of your authentic self.

1/ I waste the most time: 

2/ This is the trait I really value in others:

3/ If I had to do one thing to improve my life it would be 4/ I follow my hunches? Yes No Why/ why not?

5/ Write some of the should’s down that you tend to have?

6/ What would you do if you were completely free?

Once you have answered these questions simply make decisions that work towards who you really are. Let go of what others think and enjoy yourself.

Suz x

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