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After being faced with a life change that caused a lot of grief and heartache, I rang Suz who I had always been encouraged and inspired by her incredible faith in Jesus and the joy in the Lord that was her strength. She was very concerned and was willing to listen and empathize with my sad experience. I felt validated and enjoyed her company as she prayed and helped me to put my eyes on Jesus.

Over a year of continued support and multiples text messages of enlightenment from the Bible brought me to a place of restoration and peace. I have savoured and learnt from her being present and following up, giving me an example of what it is to be like the Good Samaritan; going above and beyond. I have just begun a diploma in Chaplaincy which I believe has derived from my experience of first hand of what it is to be a good mentor. – JB


The sessions with Suzanne are unlike any other counseling I have had before! In only 4 sessions I have had some major breakthroughs particularly in the way I think about situations and my relationships with others. She has not only helped me but through our sessions this has had a positive impact on my family. 

I love what our session time has given me.  Thank you will never be enough. – KH


After going through a life crisis, my life started falling to pieces. Thanks to Suzanne I was able to see things in my life that were in desperate need of change in order for me to live freely, without anxiety and fear of rejection. I have become stronger and continue to grow into a better person with Suzanne. She continually encourages and motivates me through life. Suzanne is a great mentor and an even greater life coach with skills that help me to move passed all the trauma that I have suffered. Suzanne has taught me the process of moving forward in my life with a positive attitude. I am learning to be my authentic self as she coaches me through each step of this process at my own pace. Suzanne is a beautiful, genuinely optimistic person who has helped me through acceptance, recovery, forgiveness and daily challenges that lead me to be best me that I can be. If someone told me that I needed professional counseling 6 months ago, for issues that I had not dealt with in my past, I would have utterly disagreed with them but after counseling with Suzanne, I have learned the importance of counseling and I have formed a new found appreciation of the profession because she is so amazing at what she does. - TP


I have had the opportunity to have sessions with Suzanne via Skype/Zoom over the past several months.  I have found her to be genuinely caring and interested in the very best outcome for my mental and emotional health - to help me THRIVE!!! Navigating a very complex ongoing situation in which I have felt overwhelmed as if facing Goliath, Suzanne has beautifully and consistently helped me to keep my focus grounded, empowering me, while in this season, to be able to take control of the many areas in my life that I can still pour blessing out.  It’s been so great to feel that there is someone else cheering for me, on my team and lifting me up in prayer to the One who has been able to bring about breakthroughs for me and my family.  So grateful for the many gems and encouragements. I hope to pass them on to others along the way. - TG

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Suzanne, thanks for being so patient with me on my journey. I cannot thank God enough for your help. God is truly working through you. - SB

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