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FEB 2023

'I have been undertaking clinical supervision with Suzanne for almost 2 years now and it has been the most positive experience. Having come to counseling as a second career, I found the growth in my confidence and knowledge fast-tracked with Suzanne’s affirming and encouraging style. As an experienced counselor and supervisor, she is able to provide feedback and direction exactly where I need it. Her personal warmth permeates every session and it gives me confidence knowing I have an experienced supervisor in my corner for any issues encountered with my clients. I can’t speak highly enough of Suzanne’s professionalism and the personal values she demonstrates as a supervisor.'

Dr Cecily K

Suzanne has an incredible gift of prophetic discernment, coupled with professional insight and pastoral care. She is ever-encouraging and has been an integral part of helping me to be a healthier person and in turn, a more effective leader. Supervision had been an oft-ad hoc consideration for me in the past. I now value it as a key aspect of my professional development, spiritual health, and personal well-being. Pastor Brad W

I have had the absolute pleasure of having Suz as my professional supervisor over the past 2 years. She has provided me with mentoring, supervision, education, the courage to start my own practice, and loyalty to walk me through it.  I can always rely on her to be the sharpshooter and challenge my outlook/thoughts when times are grim, to validate and congratulate my achievements/celebrations, and most of all to rejoice in me as a woman facing challenges and coming out the other side with her support. I truly can not thank her enough and am so grateful every day she came into my life with her wise wisdom and warm caring personality.  She has inspired and guided me to be all that I am today. Poppy A

I’ve been lucky to have found Suz as my supervisor as I've been particular in what I was looking for and that wasn’t easy for me to find. As her supervisee I feel fully supported and challenged, whether it’s growing my practice, complying with industry requirements, facing challenges in casework, or being on top of my self-care. Our sessions are timely, organised, dynamic, informative, full of new learnings, and much-needed laughter. I’d highly recommend her as supervisor. Duda B

Holding Hands
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