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Is change really possible?

Change is a process usually. In some rare occasions God just removes it but for the most part we are on a journey and God allows His grace to be sufficient as we overcome and transform.

When I came to the Lord He took some things straight away. I used to swear - a lot. I really wanted that gone and just like that my swearing stopped. I was also the most impatient person I have ever known. I was the person at the checkout out would get in the slowest que, and tut loudly whenever the checkout person slowed down or missed a grocery item first swipe. I would tap my feet… roll my eyes… show my disgust for the length time taken. At a road toll booth I would beep my horn the moment someone fumbled for their cash.

In my first few days of being a Christian I said to the Lord. 'If you are really God you can take this from me. 'I have tried so many times to be more patient and I just cant do it.' And you know what happened? The very next day it was gone. I was totally healed from my impatience (mostly). Now there are many other things that I continue to lean on God with but I praise Him for the change. Philippians 1.6 "and I am certain that God, who began a good work within you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  

Condemnation is not an agent of change. You wont get far allowing yourself to be condemn. 'There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus'. (Romans 8.1) Its all about your motivation. Is it from a place of love or fear? For example if you are to start at a gym your motivation could have been because you are worried that you are getting bigger or you are wanting to look after yourself. See the difference? Guess which one lasts longer. Yep when you choose out of love it has longevity and brings life. We will never get freedom through fear. Yet so many women (and girls) have learnt to use condemnation and fear as motivators for change. 

True change is an inside out process; a heart transformation. A list of laws, rules, tips, strategies and guidelines don't create lasting change.

Change for eternity takes time. I was once made aware that there are only 2 things we take with us to Heaven; the Word of God and our characters. Both of these things take a long while to be embedded on the inside.

So give time time. Take today and make one or two good decisions that will create lasting change. It may be to spend time int eh Word as soon as you wake up, it may be to pack your lunch rather than buy it, it might mean calling someone up and saying sorry. One small change at a time.

Dont feel like its too late. Sometimes we need to get right to what feels like the end for a new beginning.

You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule. Matt 5.3 (message)

If you are ready for a change why not get in contact with me today.

Suz x

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