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Are you missing something?

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Im reading through the Gospel of John at the moment. Chapter 3 starts with the introduction of Nicodemus. He is an interesting character, he was identified as an prominent religious leader among the Jews. He had everything by the worlds standards yet he knew he was missing something. Actually we all have this condition. By my late 20s I found I was missing something. But what could it be? I had everything by the worlds standards too, a great job, wonderful friends, loving parents, savings, getting to travel the world with my job etc etc.

Not growing up with any specific faith I went on a 2 year journey to see if I could find 'it' there. I looked into the Buddhist way of life, I found out more about the Koran and the Muslim religion, I tried new age stuff from meditation to reiki and even followed a feng shui master from Hong Kong yet nothing satisfied. We often think when we get skinnier, when we get more money, if we were only born into a more sane family, if we were able to have greater influence or find our 'religion' then we would be able to find that thing that is missing. Its not the case.

2 years into my journey and I was no closer to finding what I was looking for. A friend saw that I had tried it all when they mentioned that perhaps I do a course on Christianity. It was there when I realized no other leader of any other world religion died for their people Jesus did. None were fully God and fully human, Jesus was. And none of the other religions practices gave me the same level of peace. A peace that is not based on circumstance, weight, education or the amount of money in my bank account. It’s a peace that surpasses all knowledge. I found it!

In Ecclesiastes 3.11 the wisest man who has ever lived; Solomon; said 'He (God) has also set eternity in the human heart'. That’s it! We are all built with a desire to exist for eternity. And when we come to know that Jesus died for us so we can live for eternity with Him then it gives us something that no amount of education, money or influence can give us.

So back to Nicodemus. He had been 'religious' all his life but had never had a relationship with his creator. The day he met Jesus everything changed. Everything changed the day I met Jesus. Nicodemus came to a whole new place in his life. Nicodemus knew about Jesus but didn't know Jesus. Something that was missing in his life was found!

If you feel you are missing something, it may be having a relationship rather than a religion. It maybe that you know about Jesus but don't know Him. You can today. All you need to do is ask Him. He stands at the door to your heart knocking,

I'm happy to share more with you about finding what you may be missing. Give me a call or send me an email today.

The best is yet to come.

Suz x

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