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A little about me

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Hi Im Suzanne. I became a counselor in my early 30s while I was living in Singapore. Having been a personal trainer since I was 17, helping people has always been something I have been passionate about. I love nothing more than for people to thrive and do well. I love celebrating successes. And those who know me well know I will celebrate just about anything because life is precious.

I chose to do my Master's Degree in Counselling as I have received exceptional counseling and wanted to be able to help others experience the freedom I had through the counseling process. For me, my own therapy released me to be the best version of myself, it helped me look at the world through a different lens, and most importantly it gave me the tools I needed to do well in life when things got rough.

I have been diagnosed with situational depression 3 times in my life. Each time a great sense of hopelessness has come over me and it has gotten pretty dark. Each time I have been able to overcome with my faith, good help from professionals and friends, and medication for a season. Anxiety is something that has always been present in my life and affects my sleep. People pleasing, fear and rejection have plagued me throughout my life, however, I now have to tools to recognize them and deal with them before they take root.

I am married and have a 10-year-old son. Together we live in Townsville; Far North Queensland. It's tropical and the smallest city I have lived in; which really has its perks. Everything is easy to access, no massive traffic jams, and my commutes are short. I grew up in Sydney, lived 10 years in Singapore, and have spent extended periods in the UK, Japan, and Hong Kong while working for global telecommunication organisations.

Over the past 15 years of being a counselor I have worked in schools, in the 'sexual abuse' agency for the Seventh-day Adventist church, I have worked for the Anglican church in developing programs to keep churches safe and most recently in mental health as a counselor, trainer and practice supervisor. Over 3 years ago I completed my clinical supervision training and love being a supervisor- helping other counselors to thrive. I enjoy private practice as a counselor and professional supervisor. Last year I completed training with our Moodle "Bear'; and he and I volunteer with Delta therapy dogs. This year I will facilitate courses for clinicians wanting to be supervisors ( Click here for more information )

I love to bring joy and hope. I have lived experience of mental health issues, abuse, grief, divorce, being told I was barren by multiple medical teams, and a number of other factors that many of you will have experienced. I'm here and I care. Counseling can and does make a difference. For testimonies from clients please click here If you think you could benefit please reach out. It doesn't matter where you are as the sessions are provided online in the comfort of your choosing.

My specialties include;

  • Christian counseling

  • Trauma counseling; including child sexual abuse

  • Grief and loss counseling

  • Depression and anxiety counseling

  • Relationship counseling

  • Carers support

  • Clinical Supervision

One of my favorite scriptures that has guided my life for a number of years says;

"God can do anything, you know. Far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams." Eph 3:20 (The Message). I'm believing that for you.

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